Are You An Owner?

If you already own your own villa in Bali, or are in the process of buying or having one built, then congratulations you have I am sure a great holiday home in a wonderful and fascinating island.  However a villa in Bali is much more than that.  It is an asset that has monthly costs (staff, utilities etc.) and also some fairly significant commitments with respect to maintenance, repairs, dealing with local authorities etc.

One great way though to offset those costs is to look at renting your villa out to other guests, and for most villas this is really not a problem if you know what you are doing, and what is more with short term rentals that we specialise in, you can still use your villa when you want..

Renting to guests though does bring a whole new set of challenges though, including setting up and maintaining listings and websites; organising marketing and advertising campaigns; dealing with guest enquiries and guest complaints; sorting out the logistics for getting guests to and from the villa; and making sure that the villa meets guests expectations, which requires regular inspections, training for staff, and sometimes new investment in new facilities and equipment.

If you are new to renting out your villa, then it can also involve getting all the correct paperwork and authorisations in place (Pondok Wisata etc.) and even recruiting and training the right staff that you need. 

We know that for some owners this can be a bit daunting, not least as to market your villa effectively involves a lot of time and effort, time and effort that many owners simply do not have, which is why the team here at Kid Friendly Villas are here to help.

Help Marketing & Managing Your Villa in Bali

Tom & Rene who are the owners of own villas in Bali, and have been successfully letting them out and managing problems for over 10 years now, and have gathered a great team here at Kid Friendly Villas to help you, especially on the marketing side.

We don’t consider ourselves as agents, as the service we offer to villa owners is much more personal than any agent could offer you, however it is worth explaining how most “agents” work, and why we are different.

There are basically two main kinds of marketing agents for villas. 

Firstly there are the Local Agents.  These will take the details of your villa (sometimes without your knowledge) and post them on their own website (or ask you to do it for them).  If the agent gets a guest enquiring after your villa, then they will normally contact you, ask for a commission (typically 20% of the revenue) and then act as a go-between between you and the guest. 

Inevitably Local Agents have never even seen your villa, and so cannot answer any detailed questions and so often just pass them on to you.  Really all Local Agents do is find you guests, and then only very occasionally as your villa is normally just one from hundreds of villas on their site, and most Local Agents only have enough traffic to their sites to give you one or two bookings a year at most.

Specialised Local Agents can be useful to fill a gap, or a last minute booking, but for us they charge too much for what they offer (particularly with our villas running at over 70% occupancy anyway); add complexity and difficulty to the booking process for the owner, and introduce an additional payment risk (we have had agents not pay us despite the guest paying the agent).

The second type of agent is the “Luxury Agent”, which you enter into a formal long term contract with.  Luxury Agents normally offer a good professional service, but at a high cost as they typically take 30% of gross revenue as their fee but still expect owners to set up their own marketing outside of their site and also for the owners to pay for that (which they recommend should be several thousand dollars per year).  Also the way that Luxury Agents structure their service, they take no risk, make few guarantees, and they also retain intellectual property rights, making it difficult to leave and market your own villas should you wish to.

Both types of agent deal with hundreds of different villas and so suffer from a lack of personal touch.  Even the Luxury Agents seldom if ever actually visit your villa, and the staff dealing with enquiries for all agents are always local Indonesian staff who have almost certainly never even stayed in a villa before, let alone your villa.

The Kid Friendly Villa Marketing Service

We offer something a quite different service to both Local Agents and Luxury Agents, and as owners ourselves we designed our service to you to be exactly what we as owners would have wanted if were just starting to rent out our villa for the first time.

Firstly our service is very personal.  We currently list only a dozen or so villas on our site, and plan not to list many more than that, as we believe that we can only effectively market your villa we know your villa, and if you are just one of hundreds listed that is must not possible.  Limiting the number of villas that we list, enables us to regularly visit and inspect your villa, which not only means we really know your villa, but it also means that we can help you to ensure that your villa and staff are what guests expect and want. 

Secondly we do everything for you.  We sort out your villa’s listings, adverts, photos, websites, Facebook page and anything else to do with promoting your villa for rental, but unlike agents we bear these costs ourselves, which means that we only spend money on marketing your villa when it is effective.  We also deal with all guest enquiries, complaints and logistics, and can even extend our service to helping you manage and staff your villa.

Finally as owners ourselves we wanted the option one day to be able to do all this ourselves, and so that is what we offer you as well.  At the end of your contract with Kid Friendly Villas, we hand all the rights to you for all websites, photos, listings, adverts etc for your villa, so if you want to market and manage your villa yourself, you can, although of course we hope and expect that our service will be so good that you will want to stay with us!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the service that we offer, but read on for more details.

We actually offer three different services to villa owners:

·         Villa Marketing Service

·         Villa Management Service (Additional)

·         Villa Staffing Service (Additional)

Our basic service is the Villa Marketing Service, and we only look at offering the other services as extra services in addition to the basic Villa Marketing Service Please click on the links if you want to know more.