Kid Friendly Safety

We know that children safety is important for many guests, and so we regularly check our villas for child safety and recommend and make improvements to the villas listed on all the time to make them as safe as we can.  It is impossible however to make any villa 100% safe for children of course, and this is particularly true in Bali where those great views and beautiful architecture, often go hand in hand with potentially dangerous drops, or water features that you have to watch out for with little children.

Although the general standard of safety features in Bali is less than you would find in countries such as Australia, the approach to safety is also different.  In Bali families with small children use maids and other staff to watch over children and ensure they are safe, rather than relying on the construction of physical barriers such as pool fences and stair gates for safety. 

All of the villas listed on have staff who are used to, and have many years looking after small children, and they are happy to help watch over your little ones if you want them to, or to baby sit if you require it, all included in the price although we do ask for guests to consider a small tip to the staff if they are asked to work later than 9 pm. 

The safety villa ratings here therefore are a guideline based upon the physical safety features at the villas, rather than the softer approach of using staff to look after and keep children safe that is the usual way in Asia and that in our view is as good, and can often be better than, the physical barrier approach preferred in the West.


Kid Friendly Villas Villa Safety Ratings - Overview

Safety RatingDescription
Although some efforts have been made to protect against major drops and hazards, essentially this villa has minimal physical safety features, and still has some potential water hazards or drops that are difficult to close off entirely and so may be hazardous to small children that are not watched. Staff however are available to help watch and look after the children upon request, free of charge.
Villa may have some safety features, such as child safe stair bannisters, or child-safe fences on potential drops, or may be in a location where drops are not a concern, and has doors that are able to be shut to prevent small children getting to potential hazards. Staff however are available to help watch and look after the children upon request, free of charge.
Our safest category of villa. Villas have key safety features installed and provided free of charge, including a safe pool fence, and stair gates. Other water features such as ponds are easily able to be blocked off by shutting non-essential doors. Staff are also available to help watch and look after the children upon request, free of charge.



Kid Friendly Villas Villa Safety Ratings - Individual Villas

Safety RatingDescription (For more details please click on the link for the relevant villa)
Villa Talia VashtiVilla Anjani
Villa KalishaVilla Vayana; *Villa Bali Blue
Villa LeanaVilla Rene

 * Villa Bali Blue is expected to have a safety pool fence installed before the end of 2014