Make a Payment

Bank Transfers

Guests normally pay directly using their credit cards on our website using the secure link below. We are however also able to accept direct bank transfers and we will provide bank account details once a booking has been confirmed if you wish to pay this way. We only accept payment by bank transfer in British Pounds (GBP); Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) or Thai Baht (THB) however, but this does mean that paying by direct bank transfer is the cheapest and quickest way to pay if you have a local account in any of these currencies.

For international bank transfers charges depend on your bank, and whether your bank uses any intermediary bank, and usually varies between £40 and £60 per transfer. Our bank does not make any charges on bank transfers, unless they are made in a currency other than those stated above. When making an international bank transfer please ensure that the transfer is marked as "All charges remitter (ACR)" so the correct amount arrives. For bank transfers we shall always aim to send you a formal confirmation by email within 24 hours of payment having been made. Please note though that international bank transfers can take up to 5 working days to arrive in our account.

Credit Card & Debit Card Payments

Transfers by credit card are the most secure means of transfer, as you are fully protected against fraud and are therefore recommended. We are able to accept all credit and debit cards on this website including American Express.

There is a processing fee of 3.0% for all payments by credit card or debit card (except for American Express which is 3.5%).

To make a payment, please make sure you have contacted us first by email on and have received confirmation of the amount to be paid.

To pay just put in the amount in GBP (British Pounds Sterling) stated in the email in the box below, and click the "Make a Payment" button, which will take you through to the secure website run by Worldpay, one of the largest multi-national payment processors, where you are able to simply and securely input your credit card or debit card details.

PayPal Payments

We are also able to accept payments by PayPal on this site, although it is more expensive. Again as above, insert the amount advised to you by email, and just click on the "Make a Payment" button and you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can either pay using your own PayPal account, or click the button "No PayPal Account" and put in your credit or debit card details for payment.

There is a 5% fee for payments through PayPal, and we only accept payments made in GBP (£). While we can accept payments by PayPal we do not actually recommend them as PayPal have caused issues on guest payments in the past.

Please enter the amount of your payment in GBP (£) in the box below including the 5% fee: