Our Villa Marketing Service

The villa marketing service is the main service that we offer to villa owners.  As a luxury agent offers the closest to the type of service that we offer, we have provided a simple comparison to help you to understand what we offer.

Villa Marketing ServiceKidfriendlyvillas.comAgents
GuaranteesWe guarantee at least 40% annual occupancy at your villa, or you have a right to terminate the agreement with us.No guarantees
Fees30% of NET REVENUE after marketing costs plus bonus for exceptional results.30% of GROSS REVENUE before marketing costs which you are expected to pay extra for.
Marketing costs, inc.costs of extra listings/Facebook pages, adverts, Google adwords campaign etcWe will do all this for you and we pay 30% of the costs.This means we only spend money on what makes money.You have to do this yourself, and you pay for it 100%. Luxury agents will encourage you to spend as much as possible on marketing as it boosts their revenues at no cost to them.

WebsiteWe will create an individual website for you, including providing all copy, photos etc. we only ask that you pay our external costs for web developer (currently USD 450/website).Charge a fixed fee of a few thousand dollars for a very basic website.
Intellectual PropertyAt the end of the contract we pass all intellectual property to you the ownerRemains the property of the Agent
Villa InspectionsWe regularly inspect all our villas every 1 to 3 months, and provide reports and advice to owners, and can provide training to staff if requested.No inspections done
Villa AssessmentWe carry out an initial assessment and recommend to you changes and additions that would maximise the rental potential of your villaNo assessment done
Information & ReportsWe provide detailed monthly reports, and real time online reporting as wellVaries
Enquiry StaffWe only use British/ Australian nationals who have stayed at the villas and who know them well.Local Indonesian Staff who have never stayed at a villa.
LogisticsWe will sort out all guest logistics for you; including transfers, car hire, and extra services with trusted local suppliers all at actual cost (we guarantee we take no commission).Some agents provide airport transfers, but little more than that.
Guest ComplaintsWe will deal with all guest complaints on your behalf.Varies, but many agents do not take any responsibility for dealing with complaints, even if they have been the cause.

The Villa Marketing Service is the standard service that we provide to most of the villas that list with us, however we also offer a Villa Management & Maintenance Service (where we assist you and your staff in paying bills, and provide regular reports on costs and running expenses) and a Villa Staffing Service (where we find staff for your villa and make sure that all legal obligations for tax, health insurance and pensions are properly met).  For more details please click on the relevant link.

If you are interested in finding out more on any of our owner services then please check out our Owners FAQ (frequently asked questions) or just drop our team an email at info@kidfriendlyvillas.com or send us note through our Contact Form and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have