Our Villa Staffing Service

For Villa Owners who sign up to both our Villa Marketing Service, and our Villa Management Service we can also offer a Villa Staffing Service. The Villa Staffing Service is ideal for new villa owners who are in the process of constructing their villa, and are looking to start with a great team of staff to work at the villa  looking after guests,  or for villa owners who are renting out for the first time, and need to build up their existing team of staff to cope with the increased occupancy of the villa.  

Villa Staffing ServiceKidfriendlyvillas.com
Initial RecruitmentInitial recruitment of all staff, including advertising, interviewing and negotiation of terms of employment.
TrainingTraining of all staff through the provision of structured training programmes at other villas managed by us and through direct training by the Service Provider and their existing staff.
Legal ObligationsWe ensure all legal employment obligations are met, including payment of income taxes, calculation of BPJS (health insurance and pensions) and THR (religious bonuses)
Oversight and Staff ManagementOversight and ongoing management of such staff to ensure that standards are maintained, new skills are introduced and learned as and when required; and that staff issues are resolved and requirements are met.
Disciplinary ProceduresReview of staff performance, carrying out disciplinary action when required, including replacement of staff
Ongoing StaffingEnsuring sufficient staffing at your villa at all times through the arrangement of temporary staff, and/or the recruitment and replacement of staff as and when required

We ask that you pay the actual staff salaries, and also a fixed fee for providing this service, which varies depending on the number of staff required, the skills and experience, and the location of your villa, but is usually no more than a few IDR million/month

For a new villa, the fee in the first year is greater than in subsequent years.

Unlike Luxury Agents however, we are also owners, and all staff that we employ on your behalf are on the same payscales, the same terms and conditions as the staff that we already employ at our own villas, and so you can be confident that we are focused on keeping costs to a minimum, and maximising local revenues at the villas, far more than any agent would even think about doing.

If you are interested in finding out more then drop our team an email at info@kidfriendlyvillas.com or send us note through our Contact Form and we are happy to answer any questions that you might have.

This service is only offered to owners who have also agree to our Villa Marketing Service and our Villa Management Service.