Villa Champa - Ungasan
Michael & Family
(Quebec, Canada)

Wow! The Villa was amazing! The staff are awesome[and] Anto the driver was exceptional and really interesting! Thanks for the beautiful experience!

August 2015
Sarah, Samuel, Leo & Suki

A big thank you from all of us!

Thank you to all the lovely staff and host of Villa Champa. We had the most amazing holiday and was so well looked after. The villa is simply beautiful, relaxing and we felt at home the minute we arrived. We hope to see you all again in the future!

December 2016
Chin & Fawell Families

I must congratulate you on such a wonderful villa.  It is tastefully appointed, your staff gracious, and our stay was indeed too short!  We look forward to returning soon.

August 2015
Villa Talia Vashti - Candidasa
Thibault Family
(France / Shanghai (China))
4 days in paradise! The view is amazing, the staff so nice, both present when you need them, and quiet the rest of the time. We had dinner every night and food and service were great. With Villa Talia Vashti we found the perfect compromise between luxury hotel and house renting. We will definitely be back!
May 2015
Juliya & Paul's Family
$1 million dollar view! Perfect location. The staff incredible. You can feel from the first step to the villa the high level of staff management that Rene & Tom organized perfectly, especially to the children, that was really important to us.
June 2015
Claire, Wichard, Julie and Sascha & Reinier
Definitely one of the houses in Bali where we will return. The staff was great, we could also recommend the food here, also for the kids its the perfect place to stay!
March 2015
Jodi Pesjak

Thank you for a memorable first holiday to Bali! An amazing villa with such wonderful staff 

August 2015
Wogu Family

Best staff and place we have ever stayed at. Place was beautiful

September 2013
Maragh Family
Thank you for the exceptional professionalism displayed throughout our stay. WHAT A FANTASTIC TEAM OF STAFF! We truly loved our time here. We will definitely be back!
July 2014
Villa Anjani - Candidasa
Byun Family
(Sydney, Australia)
This was the best place in Bali! The best service in the world! Everyone is so friendly, happy, and welcoming! We will always remember you.
January 2014
Shaftoe Family
Thank you for an amazing 14 days at Villa Anjani! We have had a wonderful holiday, all the people here are so friendly. We are a party of 9 with a 1.5 and 3.5 year olds and the staff could not be better in treating our every need. Thank you so much.
April 2015
Bahari Family
We love everything about Villa Anjani - from the place, the service, the amazing view!!! Will definitely come and visit again
April 2014
Villa Kalisha - Ubud (Totally Renovated Nov 2016)
Roberts Family

Our breath was taken away. I know it seems poetic and soppy, but this wonderful feeling hit us and stayed with us our entire stay.   We loved Villa Kalisha

June 2014
Debbie, Stephanie, Tianna, Teylan, Christopher and Carb
(London, England)

Staying at Villa Kalisha has been a passing whisper of magic. A place where you might see unicorns fly on the horizon! Nowhere will ever compare to this and no photo will ever capture the true beauty of this place because the real beauty is all the memories we now have. Thank you.

April 2015
Murphy Family

The staff's genuine warmth, generosity, and willingness to go above and beyond to ensure we had a wonderful time did not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. Kids are good judges of character and every one of our brood loved every one of them.

July 2014
Villa Rene - Seminyak
Mark, Emma, Joel, Quli, Alex, Wade & Ben
Many thanks for your kindness and hospitality, and for helping make beautiful Villa Rene feel like a paradise away from home.
September 2014
Fiebig & James Families

Wow! We have had the most amazing stay here. The service, friendly smiles, and delicious breakfasts have definitely made our stay one to remember.  We will be back. 10/10

April 2014
Fowler Family
The kids just "ADORED" the staff. My son Ean really bonded with Wayan and thank you flr letting him feed the fish and ride in the front seat with you. You will be seeing us again!
March 2014
Villa Amanie - Jimbaran
Sarah, Kefas, Charlie, James, Luuita & Meki,

Upon entering we were mesmerised by the villa's beauty and the view. Spent a few minutes in awe. Food was scrumptious.  All in all an amazing vacation.

February 2016
Sav, Liz, Sarah, Addie, Sisha, Ali, Georgia, &Stepf
(Brisbane, Australia)

Our 4 night stay was beyond incredible! Food was AMAZING. Hospitablity shown by Ngurah and Sri was impeccable.

February 2016
Hunt Family
September 2016
Villa Leana - Jimbaran
Ogilvie & Wilson Families

Thank you all for making our stay here so memorable.  The food was amazing - and always catered for our little 2.5 year old. We loved Villa Leana a beautiful and restful place.

September 2014
Youngs Family
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Excellent hospitality and service. The villa itself is five star, but very homely. The children (10 of them) enjoyed the pool - very safe. Thanks so much again.

September 2013
Berrimans Family

Thank you for making our holiday so amazing. Villa Leana could not have been a more perfect place.

July 2014