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Villa Bukit Klesih (New Villa) Kid Safety Rating

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Although some efforts have been made to protect against major drops and hazards, essentially this villa has minimal physical safety features, and still has some potential water hazards or drops that are difficult to close off entirely and so may be hazardous to small children that are not watched. Staff however are available to help watch and look after the children upon request, free of charge.

Kid Friendly Services at Villa Bukit Klesih (New Villa)

Parent Friendly Services at Villa Bukit Klesih (New Villa)

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Internet
  • Satellite TV (English)
  • Children Cots & Highchairs
  • Books, Games & Toys

Kid Friendly Activities Near Villa Bukit Klesih (New Villa)

  • Kid Friendly Bali Culture

Parent Friendly Activities Near Villa Bukit Klesih (New Villa)

  • Rice Paddy Views
  • Temples & Culture

Villa Bukit Klesih - Rates for Both Villas

SeasonLow SeasonMid SeasonHigh SeasonPeak Season

Nov 1st - Dec 8th 2017
Jan 7th - Mar 22nd 2018
Nov 1st - Dec 7th 2018

Sept 1st - Oct 31st 2017
Dec 9th - Dec 22nd 2017
Mar 23rd - Jun 23rd 2018
Dec 8th - Dec 21st 2018
Jun 24th – Aug 31st 2018Dec 23rd - Jan 6th 2018
Dec 22nd - Jan 5th 2019

This is the villa if you want to escape from it all and just sit back and enjoy the amazing views of the clouds rolling in Mount Agung in the distance, and perfect peace and tranquility.

Villa Bukit Klesih (literally Villa "Anteater Hill" as in times gone by this location was well known for a colony of anteaters) is small hill entirely surrounded by picturesque rice fields, offers probably the best mountain views, and most relaxing experience you will find anywhere in Bali.  

The villa actually comprises two separate villas on top of hill, about 50m apart, and between them is a lovely traditional local village temple.  Both villas have absolutely amazing views out across the rice fields to Mount Agung in the distance.  Also both villas are fully catered, with a great local cook that has been with us for many years and each villa can either be rented individually or both together for larger groups.  Both are fully equipped with TV with satellite channels, and wifi, although when we stay here we never turn them on as the views and the feel of the villas are just amazing.

Made's Villa is the main villa, and has 270 degree views directly to Mount Agung and view from the veranda and the main bedroom suite at this villa is the best view of al at Villa Bukit Klesih.  There is dining on the outdoor but covered verandah, and inside there is a very large suite room, complete with relaxing lounge area and a double bed all furnished in traditional Balinese style and great views in two directions.  There is a stone ensuite bathroom with shower off the main bedroom (also with a view).  

Off the main bedroom there is a second small bedroom with a single bed .  This bedroom is really designed for kids, but it can be used for adults as it has a separate entrance, and also its own ensuite bathroom, but it has no views, being to the rear of the villa. A second mattress can be put in this room if you wish (or indeed the main villa room, which has a lot of space) if you have a 4th person.  

From Made's villa the path leads down the steep hill to the large river, where it is possible to swim.  The path goes through picturesque gardens, and there are also places to stop and sit and Balinese Bales to relax and take in the views and listen to the river and the birds.

Ana's villa has similar great views out to Mount Agung, but has two large rooms, both this time with wonderful views out to Mount Agung.  The first has a double bed and ensuite bathroom.  The second is set up as a lounge but has two good quality single beds, one which is a trundle bed under the other which is also set up as a sofa.  This room also has its own bathroom. 

Again there is outdoor dining on the verandah with views out to Mount Agung, and also an area to sit and enjoy the view.  There is also a lovely lawn next to the villa which is ideal for yoga, or just for a small ceremony or celebration, and another path leading all the way down to the river some 100m below.

Both Ana's Villa and Made's Villa have their own entrances, and are totally separate villas, and so you can stay at one and still have complete privacy, even if there are guests at the other villa.  The staff quarters and kitchen are situated on a path between the two villas, about 25m away from each, and so are able to easily look after guests in both villas.  The local village temple is also close to this area, slightly closer to Ana's villa, but accessible by a separate path.  

For larger groups staying at both villas, the entire group is able to eat together at Made's Villa, although if you prefer to eat at Ana's Villa that is no problem, just ask the staff, and they will be able to move the furniture accordingly. 

Villa Bukit Klesih - Pros and Cons

We think it is helpful for all the villas that we give guests an objective view of the pros and cons of each villa.  Please remember that this is not something that you will get with any other site, where all descriptions tend to be gushingly wonderful and one sided.  We do genuinely believe that all of the villas listed on Kid Friendly Villas are great villas, with good locations, great staff and most of all a level of service and a focus on children that most other villas come nowhere close to having. 

Villa Bukit Klesih Pros

  • A truly amazing location, with phenomenal ever-changing views of Mount Agung, and nothing to disturb you at all. Total peace and tranquility.
  • The cook at Villa Klesih is excellent and has been with us for many years, and will prepare for you delicious Balinese and Indonesian dishes every day and is highly recommended.
  • Many great attractions are able to be reached within just 40 minutes scenic drive, including diving and beaches at Candidasa and Padang Bai; the Balinese mother temple at Besakih and of course climbing Mount Agung itself.  It is also just over an hour to Mount Batur crater lake, or to Ubud - all scenic drives. 
  • Villa Bukit Klesih, is ideal location if you are into yoga, meditation or other holistic therapies with many calm, tranquil and private areas in the gardens surrounding the villas.  We are also able to arrange courses or gurus for you if this is of interest.
  • Villa Bukit Klesih has a feel that is hard to express.  It is like stepping back in time to a simpler, more uncluttered way of life.  It is an amazing place, and only by staying there will you get to feel that yourself.

Villa Bukit Klesih Cons

  • Although there is "Warung Organik" a small cafe just a short walk away, Villa Bukit Klesih is remote, and unless you are going for a walk along the river or through the rice fields, you will need a car to get anywhere. There are no other bars or restaurants or shops within easy access to the villa.
  • Villa Bukit Klesih is definitely not suitable for disabled or elderly guests who struggle with walking or handling steps.
  • Although both Made's and Ana's villa are all at ground level, the gardens and paths around the villas are unfenced, and so there no barriers to stop children wandering around except the doors to the villas themselves. The staff will help you to watch the children, but if you are nervous and have adventurous 2 year olds, Villa Bukit Klesih will not be as relaxing as our other villas with fences and gates. 
  • All the staff at Villa Bukit Klesih live in a separate building between the two villas and are local villagers that have been with us for many years.  They are very kind and hard working, but their English is still improving, and they are still getting used to guests, so the service may not be as professional as at our other villas. 
  • Villa Bukit Klesih has no swimming pool, although it is possible to paddle in the river down at the bottom of the property.
  • Because of its cool mountain location Villa Bukit Klesih has no need of air-conditioning, and so there is none at the villa – only fans and cool breezes being at the top of a hill. 
  • Villa Bukit Klesih, is an older villa and so it is not a luxury villa.  It is also built in very traditional Balinese style that may not suit all (but others will find beautiful).  All the bathrooms are perfectly functional, but guests may view some of them as needing updating. 

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