Why Are We Different?

Yes we know that there are many villa listing websites out there, as we have tried booking through them, and yes I know that they all claim to be “different”.

The difference is that we know we are different.  If you don’t believe it just try us and see.

Our Difference? What we doWhat Other Villa Sites  Do
Availability?We guarantee that the availability on our site is up to date and current, as we update it every hour.  If you see that dates are not booked, that means they are not yet booked, although we may have pending enquiry for which we are awaiting payment.Often never updated at all, or infrequently at best
PricesWe guarantee our prices are the best that you can get, and all other listings of our villas are controlled by us, that is a guarantee that we can stand firmly behind.All other sites, may say that they guarantee the lowest prices, but they do not own or manage the villas that they list, and their ability to give guests what they want is limited as a result.
Rates & Periods?We guarantee our rates and rate periods are up to date and correctOften rates are out of date or completely absent and rate periods non-existant. Some sites actually take data from other websites (including our villas) and put an artificially low rate to try and attract guests.
Response Time?We guarantee to respond within 24 hours to all enquiries, and aim to respond within 4 hours especially during normal working hours.Often no response at all or days or weeks later.
Who responds?Often we (Tom & Rene) respond personally ourselves, but if not it will be one of our staff who are all native English speakers who have actually stayed at villas and know what guests want.Many management agents employ low paid Indonesian staff to respond to guests.  Some may be good (many are not), but they have never stayed at a villa as a guest, and so it is difficult for them to really answer the questions that you want answered.
Type of Response?We provide a detailed response to every enquiry, and can answer specific questions about the villas immediately, and are happy to help guests with any information that they need about their stay in Bali.If you do get a response, often it just tells you if the villa is available and what the rate is. Almost always staff cannot answer specific requests, and have to go back to the owner.
Inspections and listing accuracy?We personally inspect all the villas listed on our site every 1 or 2 months, and constantly update our listings to ensure that they accurately reflect what the villas offers.  More than that we can and do recommend changes to the owners of the villas that we look after, and in many cases we ourselves are authorised to carry out those changes immediately.Most rental agencies never visit the villas, and rely entirely on what the owner says as being true.
Booking processWe manage every aspect of the booking process, from your first enquiry, right through to when you arrive at the villa, and then leave again at the end of your stay.Many agents do little more than pass through enquiries to the owner, or worse set themselves up as middlemen, passing questions back and forth between the guests and the owners.
Staff at the VillasAll our villas are fully staffed with at least a cook, a housekeeper, a nightwatchman and a general managerMany villas have only a minimal housekeeping service, and no more.
Security at the VillasAll our villas have staff at the villa 24 hours per day, and they are on call if you need them.  We also have safes in every room for your valuables.Many villas the staff leave during the night to go home, or leave during the day to go back to their village, leaving the villa and your belongings unattended.
Safety at the VillasMany of our villas have safety features such as pool fences and stair gates.  Our staff are trained to look out for trouble for small kids, and will (and have) reacted quickly when needed to.  Overall while it is not possible with some villas to make them totally safe, we do our best to do what we can.It is unlikely that most villa agencies will have even thought about villa safety for small kids, and that is the same for many owners as well.  Unfortunately some villas in Bali are just plain dangerous for kids.
Food and DrinkAll our villas offer a full breakfast and free tea, coffee, and water.  More than that we are able to provide additional meals and drinks upon request, at low prices or just the costs of groceries plus a small uplift and a tip for the staff.Many villas offer a basic housekeeping service and nothing more.  Even those that do offer breakfast, normally provide little more than a cup of coffee and some toast.
Concierge ServiceAll our villa managers can help you to plan where you want to go and what to see, and can help you by arranging cars, drivers, tours etc. and will often take you themselves. We never take any commission for any service organized for guests, and so we always ask that guests pay the service provider directly.Many villas do not have a local manager, and just leave you to plough through a stack of advertising brochures at the villa, many years out of date.
BabysittingBabysitting is provided at all our villas and is free of charge.Rarely offered, and if it is there is normally an additional charge.
Kids FacilitiesAll our villas are set up for kids, with high chairs, car seats, age appropriate plates and cutlery etc. We also have a wide selection of kids toys and games, and DVDs at all of our villas.Most villas do not cater for kids, preferring instead to focus on the adult market.